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Got the package today. Looks good. Thanks!
Mary 1-16-24

You have a long-term customer on this end. Thank you for the great customer service!
Matt 1/16/24

Received, thanks so much.
Michelle 1/7/24

Many thanks for the prompt response.
Kevin 1/4/24

Excellent and thanks so much!
Jennifer 12/18/23

Thanks, Jeff, for the quick response!
Jenn 12/12/23

Thanks for catching that! I was concentrating on the spelling and didn’t notice.
Mary 12/6/23

Wonderful, thank you for the quick turn around. I will pay the invoice so you can get it going.
Keith 12/5/23

Wow - that was fast. Thank you so much.
Kim 12/5/23

Looks good. Thanks for the quick reply.
David 10/16/23

Hi Jeff, thank you for reaching out, here is the pdf. I appreciate you looking out for me :)
Carl 9/19/23

Hi, Jeff - Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry it took so long to respond
Rita 9/6/23

Awesome, thank you so much!
Lisa 9/1/23

Much appreciated.
Thanks, Tim 8/18/23

Hi Jeff,
I did notice the amount of envelopes I received for the price I paid seemed off. I appreciate you making it right.
Ann 8/7/23

Awesome - thank you!
Annie 6/29/23

Good Morning,
So glad you reached out...
Cassandra 6/1/23

Thank you for the prompt reply.
Adam 6/6/23

Thanks so much, Jeff, that's fantastic! I'll go in and pay the invoice.
Linda 5/30/23

Thank you so much Jeff 😊 I appreciate all of your help with this.
Amanda 5/23/23

Thank you so much
Tracy 5/23/23

Thank you for that info. I will order the 2,500 envelopes instead?
Kris 5/22/23

Hey, thanks for the quick response!
Lyndsey 4/26/23

Wow! I was not expecting that for an update. Thank you, very much.
Ellyssia 4/20/23

Perfect; thank you Jeff for ALL your support.
Lisa 4/10/23

Thank you for taking my call today!
Lisa 3/20/23

Hey Jeff – thanks for the call this morning.
Cliff 3/10/23

Our order arrived yesterday - thank you for the quick delivery!
Krista 2/24/23

Excellent – thank you so much, Jeff!
Justina 2/2/23

We just received them! Thanks, Jeff!
Brenda 1/25/23

That looks very nice, thank you for making it look perfect!
Tracy 12/20/22

These just arrived, thank you!
Ally 11/29/22

We received the envelopes, they look great!
Thank you,
Anthony 10/12/22

I just received the envelopes you printed for me. I wanted to thank you for a great job and the quick turnaround! Thanks again!
Earl 12/13/21

Wow, that’s what I call GREAT SERVICE!! Thanks!
Alice 11/23/21

The envelopes just arrived, they look great. We will order from you from now on. Thank you!
Ali 10/15/21

Jeff, we received our envelopes, and they look great. Thank you very much, we will be using you again in the near future.
Colin 8/30/21

Just wanted to say thanks again for getting those envelopes printed and shipped out. I appreciate the quick and reliable service as always.
Thanks again,
Frank 8/24/21

Thank you so much for being so helpful! Definitely glad we went with your company!
Sierra 6/1/21

This looks good. Please send proof and if that is all ok I will submit payment.
On a side note…… I really appreciate you reaching out to me and discussing my needs. I sent the same email to 3 other vendors that I found online and they all replied back to me with canned phrases and links for me to look at.
Matt 5/20/21

Thank you. I like the way you run your company.
Hal 4/12/21

We received the envelopes - they look great. Thanks so much. We're glad we discovered you and will spread the word.
Yelena 4/8/21

Jeff, Sample of the envelope looks really good. Please go ahead with the order. Also, we don't do much as we are very small. But I think our business will be yours. Please let me know of the delivery date. Thank you so much.
Pat 3/9/21

They were delivered this afternoon. Look great.
Fred 1/30/21

Proof looks awesome!
Excited to have found your company!

Holli 1/21/21

We received the envelopes today and they are perfect. Thank you so much for all your help.
Becky - 12/10/20

Thanks so much! Just received them and they look great.
Sawyer - 11/30/20

We got them today, thanks again!
Debbie - 11/25/20

The shipment was delivered just now, and the envelopes look beautiful. I just wanted to say thank you.
Joan - 11/17/20

All paid. Thank you so much for the prompt service.
Tonie - 11/2/20

I got the envelopes today…thank you so much for the quick service.
Harry - 10/29/20

Thank you again for all your help. They are perfect!
Ila - 10/6/20

Thank you Jeff! I really appreciate your help on our envelope printing. You came through again! I received the order very early on Friday, 2/21/20! It looks great!Thank you, again. Have a great Day!
Karen - 2/27/20

Got them. Thank you. They look good. Thanks for the prompt service.
Stan - 2/19/20

Thank you, that really makes my day!
Karen - 2/19/20

Very happy with the envelopes. Thank you so much. Also working on the business cards will let you know.
Rebecca - 2/18/20

Thank you for your continued awesome service. Have a great weekend! Best regards.
BJ - 1/30/20

Wow! You guys are fast. THANK you.
🙂 - 1/17/20

Your the best! Thanks Jeff!, Invoice paid. Merry Christmas!
Cindy - 12/17/19

Thanks Jeff, you’re the best I paid it online with a credit card.
Sylvia - 11/19/19

Hi, That was fast! Thanks!
Linda - 9/24/19

Print proof is approved.  Paid invoice online.  Thank you for your wonderful service.
Nicole - 8/29/19

AWESOME job on my envelopes… they look GREAT!!!
Lee - 5/30/19

Awesome I appreciate it. I’ll use you every time I need them which will probably be at least once a month Ben 5/15/19

Wow, that was fast. Looks great. Thank you!
Luanne - 3/29/19

That’s great. Your on-line ordering system was very user-friendly!
Barbara - 3/22/19

I received my order today. Thank you for fulfilling my order so quickly. They look awesome.Thanks again!
Veronica - 2/11/19

They look great. Thank you!
Crystal - 12/4/18

Thanks so much for your excellent service.
Gail - 11/29/18

Thank you! Is there any other place to go – NOT FOR ME… Thanks again!
Renee - 10/30/18

The envelopes just arrived and look great. Thank you for a quick turn-around. You’ll be my first call for items like this.Thank you.
Robin - 10/5/18

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the excellent communication and prompt service. The envelopes look awesome and I appreciate a business dedicated to satisfying customers. Will definitely recommend you to others!
Lola - 8/28/18

Hi Jeffrey Just wanted you to know the envelopes came in and look great. Thank you.
David - 8/10/18

Well, You have been more than helpful through this and I really appreciate it. The quote I have from local printer is $429, so it looks like your price would be the best option for me. Again, I appreciate your time and communication.
Michael - 7/5/18

Hello Jeff: Thank you so much for getting these envelopes to us so quickly. I really appreciate it.
Karen - 11/16/17

Got the envelopes today. They look fantastic! Thank you so much for the quality product. We look forward to using you again for any upcoming events.
Alisha - 11/14/17

Yes. This is perfect:) I will enter the pay pal site and send you our credit card details. If I have trouble w/ pay pal, I will let you know.

The delivery was perfect–arrived on Monday just like you said. Needless to say, I was very pleased with how quickly the order got fulfilled and delivered. I will certainly contact you when I have further printing needs. Best.

I am getting a headache trying to get people to get back in touch with me on quotes. I am grateful that you are customer minded and are quick to reply. Best Regards.

Hi, We just received the envelopes. They look great! Thank you!