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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are standard envelope sizes?

#10 Regular------------------4-1/8 x 9-1/2

#10 Window-----------------4-1/8 x 9-1/2, Window Size: 4 1/2 x 1 1/8, Position: 7/8 left, 1/2 Bottom

#9 Regular-------------------3-7/8 x 8-7/8

#9 Window-------------------3-7/8 x 8-7/8, Window Size: 4 1/2 x 1 1/8, Position: 7/8 left, 1/2 Bottom

#6 3/4 Regular----------------3-5/8 x 6-1/2

6x9 Booklet (#6-1/2 Booklet*)-------9w x 6h Opens top, (long flap)

6x9 Catalog (#1 Catalog*)------------6w x 9h Opens side, (short flap)

9x12 Booklet (#9-1/2 Booklet*)------12w x 9h Opens top, (long flap)

9x12 Catalog (#10-1/2 Catalog*)-----9w x 12h Opens side, (short flap)

10x13 Booklet (#13 Booklet*)--------13w x 10h Opens top (long flap)

10x13 Catalog (#13-1/2 Catalog*)--------10w x 13h Opens side (short flap)


A-2-----------------4 3/8 x 5 3/4

A-6-----------------4 3/4 x 6 1/2

A-7-----------------5 1/4 x 7 1/4

Are there other sizes available?

Yes, We have access to all kinds and sizes of envelopes.  We also manufacture and print custom size envelopes, and custom window sizes and positions for business of all sizes.Please use our quote request form.

What kind of paper are the envelopes made of?

The standard envelopes offered on our website are made of 24# White Wove paper. 24# white wove paper in an industry standard, and is what the paper mills use to make the envelopes. It is also a commodity, bought and sold nationwide wide, and must adhere to certain industry standards*. Thickness about 4.9 mils or .0048 thousandths of an inch, and 90 GSM (grams per square meter), Brightness 92, finish Wove (meaning slightly textured, but mostly smooth.  Sometimes referred to as 60# book or 60# Uncoated Offset text. The only difference between 24# and 60# being how it is weighed.**

*The actual thickness, brightness, and finish can vary slightly. 

** The paper weight refers to the actual weight in pounds, where 500 sheets of 24# Wove measuring 17x22 weighs approximately 24lbs and 500 sheets of  60# Text measuring 25x38 weighs approximately 60lbs.

Do you offer self sealing envelopes?

Yes, See our full line of Simple Seal envelopes. The most common type of self sealing envelope is called "Simple Seal". Also know as adhesive seal, and sometimes referred to as Easy Seal, Flip & Seal, Flip-Stick, Flip Seal or Redi Seal, This has a flap you lift and then press the outer flap closed to seal. There is no strip to remove. We also offer "Peel n Seel"). Also referred to as Peal & Seal, Strip & Grip, Peal & Stick. 

Do you offer security or tinted envelopes?

Yes, the most common type of security tint is a blue "Confetti" pattern, but black is also available.

***Please note we sometimes substitute security tint colors based on availability, Blue was the standard, but Black is becoming more common

What ink colors do you print?

We offer printed envelopes with one color Black ink or Full color (process color) printing. However we can also print in single, or multi color Pms (pantone color), or 2 color Black & Pms ink color. Please use our quote form to request a quote

What is the turn-around time?

- Stock items (like posted on the website) print ready, with black ink 2 business, or 2 business days from receiving the order with standard return address printed.***- Stock items print ready with Full color ink, 3 business days.***

***Please Note Larger quantities, difficult supplied images, and items not readily available will typically take longer.

What is the minimum or maximum quantity?

Some items offer quantities as low as 250, the prices for these are shown. For custom printed envelopes and products with higher quantities not shown, the sky is the limit. We routinely print as many as 1oo,ooo at a time. Please use our quote form.

Do You drop ship or blind ship?

Yes, we often print for other printers, graphic designers, and marketing firms. we can drop ship to your clients location, with no markings or mention of our company. we can also Blind ship, at your request. Please use the contact form and let us know.

What do I do if I experience problems uploading a graphic?

If you experience problems with uploading your layout/image or need help by managing the steps on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us , we are always able to manipulate the files prior to printing and we can send a proof.

Will my printed envelope look like the preview on your website?

What you see on your computer monitor is only a preview and does NOT reflect the final print and color on the envelope. Prior to printing, our staff will preflight each graphic image prior to printing. We may reach out to you for better quality files. You can request a Pdf proof to approve prior to printing. The final print will be in a high resolution (600 respectively 1200 dpi)*.

*Black ink and pms inks with print on a conventional "Offset printing" press. Full color printed envelopes will print via "Inkjet printer" (this produces a subtle look more like true full color offset. You can also request full color "Laser printed" which has a thick shiny heavily saturated look.

What is "Print As Previous"?

"Print As Previous" means that you can easily reorder items using your previous order details saved with MyEnvelopes 247. It allows you to replicate past orders with just a few clicks. MyEnvelopes 247 will verify the order with you before it's sent out. If you have any questions or want to discuss your order further, feel free to reach out to MyEnvelopes 247 via email provided for assistance.