Once again you have done an amazing job. I have not seen the envelopes as yet but my boss let me know that they were awesome. And if he says he is happy with them then I know your work was amazing.
And if we have any thing else needing printing we contact you first.
Thanks Damion Thorpe, MBA President & CEO DT Management & Consulting Services Hartford, CT

“I remember talking to MyEnvelops247.com for my first order to get printed envelopes. You took the time out to listen to what I needed and assured my order was correct. I ordered 500 envelopes. The customized Envelops have contributed greatly to my business brand. I am now ordering 2000 & at this rate I will be ordering more next time. I recommend anyone to use MyEnvelops247.com”
Reginald O. Walker

“I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my envelope order. Your quality, customer service and prices are terrific. I’ll use your services again as soon as I can.”
Julie Walker

I’ve been telling everyone what a great job you did and at a fabulous price and pronto! I hope I can steer a lot of business your way!
Blessings, Patti

“It looks great. You have my approval to print.” Thanks, Ryan Smith

“I am really impressed with your web site! Perfect.” William Stone III

“Lets do it. Thanks for your speedy reply. We have tons of clients that need envelopes we’ll be using you again.” Justin Jacobs

“The envelopes looked great and there were no issues with delivery at all.” Thank you! Mia Fahmie

“Thank you Ralf, it was a pleasure doing business with you also!” Sincerely, Cierra M. Hall

“Yes, Please upgrade me. Thank you. Love your prices.” Thanks Ralf Ocean Pierson

“Yes. This is perfect:) I will enter the pay pal site and send you our credit card details. If I have trouble w/ pay pal, I will let you know.” Carol

” The delivery was perfect–arrived on Monday just like you said. Needless to say, I was very pleased with how quickly the order got fulfilled and delivered. I will certainly contact you when I have further printing needs. Best.” Ron

“I am getting a headache trying to get people to get back in touch with me on quotes. I am grateful that you are customer minded and are quick to reply.” Best Regards, JennJenn Briggs

“Hi, We just received the envelopes. They look great!” Thank you, Laura

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